I was born and raised in the eyecare industry.  From a very young age, I thought lens brands were name brands for clothing, and you could find glasses in almost every drawer in my parents house.  Teachers used to tell me to respect my glasses because of how expensive they were, my response, "it's ok, my daddy makes these for me." 

Unbeknownst to me, glasses were my passion.  Fast forward to college, sunglasses cluttered my study space, needing different colors, and different patterns for each "college holiday" occasion.  Although sunglasses took over my space, it wasn't until after college that I took to the idea of making my passion my career.

When my time came to graduate from college, the Optical industry was not calling my name - until about a year later.  I started from the bottom... now I'm here (how could you not throw a Drake joke in there) learning every aspect of the industry, the lab, customer service, marketing, and working the road.  

With love and support, I searched and searched to find the right partner to give people the hottest frames, for every personality, for an affordable price; and by affordable I mean UNDER $150.  If I wouldn't pay more than $150 for glasses, and I'm in this industry, why would you?!

I created i-catching eyewear to bring you, the hottest, most fashion-forward, AFFORDABLE frames with the best in lenses! What more could you ask for? At i-catching eyewear, it is our mission not to just fit you for the frames, but for the frames to fit your style and personality - and be affordable enough so that you can have a multitude of frames.  You change your style daily, why not your eyewear!  

How do we keep our Designer Eyewear prices so low? We are able to offer you Designer Eyewear at such a great cost because we continue to offer you eyewear online, and by personal appointment and party.  Without the added expense of a Brick and Mortar store, we are able to keep our prices low, but our quality up!