Q: How do I add a pair of Prescription lenses to my frames?

A: When ordering Prescription lenses from i-catching eyewear, you will need to add the lenses to your cart separately (you can find our lens selections under "Lenses"). Once you place your order, please email your prescription to

Q: How long will it take for my eyes to adjust to my new Prescription?

A: Please keep in mind that a new Prescription and new pair of frames can take some getting used to.  Give yourself about a week for your eyes to get adjusted.  

Q: I have ordered from your in the past, do I need to submit my Prescription again?

A: No, once we have your updated script on file, you no longer need to send it after you place your order

Q: Can I buy eyewear without a script in it?

A: Of course! 

Q: What if the glasses that I ordered don't fit, or I don't like them?

A: If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, i-catching eyewear will administer a full refund.  As long as we receive the merchandise back within 30 days of you receiving it, and the product is in the condition in which we sent it, then we will issue a refund, or exchange.